Magnetic slide-under Track Detector


They are finally HERE!!

The slide under track MAGNETIC detectors are the simplest way to add train detection to your layout without drilling holes.  Simply remove one railroad tie and slide the detector tongue under the rails.  that’s it!

Power your detector from our Fiber Lighting Controller to control your Fiber Lighting Block Signals – or connect to a sound system or module to activate the Ding Ding bell of a track crossing.

OR, you can connect your DCC power directly to the detector.  Requires 5-16v AC or DC.

There is a turn dial on the detector circuit so that you can adjust the time delay (hold time) after the train has departed.  The range is up to 60 seconds.

There is a clam-shell top that hides the electronics once you have position and set the unit.  We use GemTack glue to fasten the shel down – which means it’s removable.

The detect signal is OPEN DRAIN TO GROUND.  What the heck does that mean?  This is a DIGITAL signal that 90% of the things you will connect it to will work.  This will NOT act as a single pole switch.  Instead,  you can connect a relay (purchase separately on eBay or Amazon) that in turn will switch what every voltage you want to switch.  This detector is the SIGNAL to the relay.  (look for a video on this shortly – or email me with question)

Works with N, HO and O scale systems (one size).

We use MAGNETIC detectors to activate only on specific trains.  So for example,  we have a station where both freight and passenger cars pass by.  We have a sound module that we want to play when the passenger car comes into the station but ignore the freight train.  By putting a magnet inside on of the passenger cars the detector will respond only to that train with that car.  Pretty simple but effective.  This is different from the IR detectors which will react to ANY train that passes over it.

By combining our Fiber Lighting Controller with  this detector you can activate our 2-lite block signal.

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