LED Micro Scene Controller Board (Solder Pads)


This DCC Controller board has 16 individually controllable pins for lighting LED “chips” and other LED components to light buildings, cars – anything. Animation modes include Marquee, Blink, Step, and Random, Alternate Flashing, Arc Welding, Lightning, MARS and BEacon!. All controls and setting can be made via your DCC hand controller -NO PROGRAMMING needed.  All Model Train Technology boards come with DCC Decoders.  You can control each LED individually from your DCC system or with JMRI.

Click Here for the Color Chart. 

Each Kit comes with 1 controller board.

Order LED Chips separately,

Wire sold separately.

Four “chip” colors are available: Candle (2000K), White (3000k) and Bright White(5000k) and Florescent(6500K).

Weight 16 oz

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