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After a short delay we have been able to include full signal interlocking into the product.  This started with a few request for a way to use the D-Signal Controller to light the aspects in a three-way switch.  We got that working in a few days but then realized that a three-way switch is just two switches merged into one with one being primary and the other “interlocked” with the first.  In other words, when the first turnout is turned AWAY from the second one, it blocks a path to the exit.  In that case, BOTH signals of the second turnout should show Red regardless of the physical position of the switch.  Then, we decided that if we could simply cascade that through many turnouts we would be able to have a complex interlocking system without a computer and without much fuss.  All that is working and is pretty slick!

It took us about a week to battle test it in both DCC and non-DCC modes. (Sorry of the delay shipping of other products while we tackled this but I am very excited about how easy this is to implement) I also had to rewrite the manual which is always a time-consuming task.

Here is the manual – I know,  a video would be very helpful!   I will be working on that next week since I want to ship all our orders first.

Dwarf Signal Controller Manual v1.6a


Dwarf signals are typically used in yards and siding to indicate the direction of turnouts.  Thus, each turnout would have at least two signals.  It also is possible to have a  Dwarf signals at the head the turn where Green means mainline and red means siding.  Another words, facing in the opposite direction.

The Model Train Technology Dwarf Signal controller is a FOUR light Fiber Light Controller.  This provides for signaling for two turnouts.

This product comes with two dwarf signals each with 36″ of fiber cable and the associate pins.   Additional dwarf signals can be purchase on the store.

You will use 2-core fiber pins (included) so that the Red and Green are swapped between the two Dwarf Signals.

The Dwarf Signal Controller can be trigger in one of five ways:

  1. Operation of a stall- type actuating motor
  2. Snap-like coil switch machine – this requires the MTT Coil Switching adapter
  3. DCC Mirroring
  4. Precision Detector
  5. Mechanical Toggle or spring loaded center switch

The Coil Detector is only available with the purchase of a Dwarf Signal Controller.



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