Fiber Light Controller KIT 1 (with Power Supply)



8 Port Fiber Optic Cable lighting controller.  2 LED’s per port for a total of 16 fiber cable connections.  Specially design pins come in .75mm 1.00 mm and 1.5mm size for the most common sizes used.

Kit includes power supply and JST lead wires for detectors and power to connectors.  Order Pin separately on our website.

We do not sell Fiber Cable since it’s widely available in 100’s of lengths and types from other sources.

This Controller can operate as a Multifunction Controller or Accessory Decoder.  Fully DCC compliant and works with Digitrax, NCE, MRC, ESU plus others.

8 Detector circuits for triggering the lights.  Score of other features listed in the documentation on the web site.

Special effects include:

  • Alternate Flashing
  • Blinking
  • Set Always On or OFF




No Bracket, Bracket

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