Light and Animate! your Layout with 3 NEW Controllers

Designed and Manufactured by Model Train Technology LLC


LED Scene Controller II TM

The LSC II is a DCC controllable LED Lighting controller.
However, you DONT have to have a DCC to use it – it can work standalone.
Use our high quality inexpensive LED “chips” in one of four colors.
The controller is compatible with any JST plug system including those from Woodland Scenic.

Plug compatible with all Woodland Scenic lights

Includes 100 pre-configured special effects!

You can control the brightness of each individual port on the controller.

The LED Scene Controller allows you to SIMPLIFY your LED lighting and animation

SAVE MONEY by avoiding the purchase multiple and disparate products.

NEW!  – Fiber Lighting Controller TM


8 Ports – 2 lights per port – 3 Animations
Includes built-in DCC Decoder

Variable speed flashing and blinking.  8 Detector Circuits built in
works with Fiber Cables sizes .75mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm

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NEW!  – Fiber Light Controller III TM

16 Ports – 100’s of Animations – Adjustable light levels for each port

Includes built-in DCC Decoder


NEW!! – Fiber Lighting DongleTM

Connect Fiber Lighting to your Woodland Scenic system and our LED Scene Controller

Mix and match Fiber Lighting and LEDs in four colors of white.

The best of both worlds!

We also manufacture LED light boards for

N Scale and HO Scale Passenger cars and Cabooses

a DCC Decoder is built in so you can remotely control the lights

Adjustable light levels, two circuits per board – Add rear RED flashing lights 

About Model Train Man

We have been model railroading for more than 50 years! We love to add lighting and animation around all aspects of the layout. When we could not find the products we needed, we decide to invent a few.  And that product list grew and grew so that now we have all sorts of LED and Fiber Optic lighting controllers and accessories.  Our flagship products are decoder based lighting boards for HO and N Scale passenger cars.  More recently we have a kit for cabooses including the electrical wheel pickup.  We strive to make the best products we could to make to help everyone make their layout the best it can be.  We make our products reliable and cost effective.  We manufactured in the United States.  We hope you will enjoy our products.  Let us know what you are think.  Call us to ask questions. Jim, the founder, is usually the one to answer the phone.

To watch videos of customer installations visit our YouTube page:

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